Training Programs

Residency Training at The Dog Butler


One of the hardest things for many owners is establishing good habits by being super consistent with their dog.  Dogs need proactive teachers, let us do all the reps teaching so your dog understands what he is expected to do.  Enroll in our Residency Program, (available in 1 week increments) and let us do all the hard work!   

You  will  receive  daily video  updates.  When  your  dog  returns to  your  home,  we  will  go  over  everything  they  learned  and  train  you.   

Because  this  service  is  limited  to  one  dog  at  a  time  we  ask  you  contact us  via  email  to  set  up  scheduling.

In Home Puppy Training


Are  you  expecting  a  puppy  sometime  in  the  near  future?  Did  you  just  bring  home  your  new  puppy  and  feel  like  oh  ohh  now  what?  Set  up  a  private  in  home  puppy  lesson  with  us  today.  Your  dogs  early  life  interactions  contribute  a  great  deal  to  personality  development .  This  hands  on,  informative ,  private  in  home  family  style  lesson  covers  everything  you  need  to  know  to  help  your  puppy  step  off  on  the  right  paw.

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In Home Dog Training


I  start  training  the  moment  I  arrive  at  your  house.  Many clients  know  I  am  there  to  train  them  more  than  the  dog:)  Invite  all  members  of  the  dogs  family  to  join  this  proactive  approach to  helping  your  dog  understand  their  role.  Get  your  questions  ready  or  read  off  your  list  We  cover  all  topics  including  but  not  limited  to :  Housebreaking,  Counter-surfing,  Loose  Leash  Walking,  Obedience,  Aggression,  Shyness,  Fearfulness,  Off  Leash  Control,  &  Manners.

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Housekeeping Class


Wanna keep up those good habits you and your dog are learning?  Join us for upcoming adventures.  Bring your dog on leash, and enjoy a visit to a local park or city center.  Check out @thedogbutler for upcoming events.