What our clients are saying...

“Trained 4 of our dogs”

We can't begin to say enough wonderful things about Terry Haskins, The Dog Butler - he is absolutely amazing! Over the past 13 years he has trained 4 of our dogs in our own home as well as in his home as part of his residential training program. Terry has a special ability to quickly connect with a pet, figure out his or her personality and work with the family so they can integrate the animal into their home so everyone coexists happily. Terry's great sense of humor and ease with both people and dogs make him a joy to work with. We credit our dogs good behavior and happy dispositions to Terry's training and are so grateful to have found him years ago. In addition to being a wonderful trainer, his depth of knowledge make him a great resource and the first person I reach out to when I have questions about our dogs. We highly recommend using his services if you are adding a dog to your home and family! You won't be disappointed. 


Hingham, MA

”Couldn’t be happier”

Terry is great. He helped us train our last lab and we had such great success that we called him again to help us with our new lab puppy.This one was more of an “alpha” than our last but Terry coached us through it. We saw big improvements after our first two sessions and by the third, Riggs had mastered all the commands. We couldn’t be happier.


Cohasset,  MA

“Engaged the entire family”

Our family of 4  were all excited to finally have our new large breed puppy however we were entirely unprepared to deal with the constant Nipping, Biting, Chewing on furniture and overall not listening. We were in over our heads, the kids were afraid to play because of the biting.

Scared we got a mean puppy we finally called Terry. Terry’s profession is dogs and it turns out we needed to be trained as much as our puppy. Terry engaged the entire family in the training process, answered our questions and concerns, showed us how to understand our puppy and properly correct the bad behavior. From that point on the kids could play without getting bit-everyone was much happier.  

A couple months later we took advantage of Terry’s residency training. The difference in our puppy after only a week of training was remarkable. Weeks later and people still comment on how well behaved our puppy is, how great he walks on his leash, and he listens nearly all the time...he is still a puppy after all.

Hingham, MA

”You are the best”

FInn came home after being in your in home training a different young man.  It was so helpful with your training as it helped our family with Mom now almost 90 and he just said hello to her and  not jumping on her as she is very fragile. You trained our beloved Chloe and never ever had any problems with waking her or obeying simple commands. You are the best. 


Hull, MA

”Given us the confidence”

Terry is incredibly patient and knowledgeable about pets and their behaviors. He takes the time to listen to your concerns and address your pets behavior. His training has given us the confidence back to enjoy and trust our pets and our pets confidence in us! 


Hingham, MA

“Highly recommend”

Thrilled with the results from a weeks stay with Terry. My dog is so much better behaved. Comes when I call now, no jumping which is huge.  We would highly recommend The Dog Butler if your looking for help with your Puppy.


Scituate, MA